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Everyone deserves to look and feel their best. But for too long, high-quality aesthetic treatments have remained a privilege for the select few. RadiaNt changes this by making a premium range of hyaluronic acid fillers available to everyone, everywhere.


Radiant Results

Available with a range of elastic properties, RadiaNt offers a comprehensive approach to personalized beauty. From individual lines and wrinkles to volume restoration, ask your medical professional how your RadiaNt treatment can be tailored to achieve your desired results.


"I prefer light changes in my face. a little bit of refreshment from time to time. My dermatologist recommended me to try RadiaNt line of products. With their variety of products I keep my facial skin smooth and looking youthful. In conclusion, RadiaNt fillers are simply radiant!" 

Bojana, fashion designer & Blogger, Bosnia


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the areas I can treat with Radiant products?
    Radiant portfolio offers you a wide range of products to treat different areas in your face. Radiant products are designed to address different types of tissue characteristics resulting from aging process, volume loss or various extrinsic factors. After a short examination your physician will be able to determine which one of the products is the optimal fit for your needs. Click here to see the areas you can treat with Radiant
  • Which questions should I ask my physician?
    We believe that the best practice treatment starts with a good honest consultation. In this visit you will be able to discuss with your treating physician about all your wishes and concerns. You will be also asked about your medical and aesthetic history, so make sure you’re completely transparent, as it is highly important for the safety and success of your treatment.
  • Are the treatments with Radiant Dermal Fillers and Radiant Biorevitalization products safe?
    Absolutely! Radiant products portfolio have been assisting many patients around the world for the past years and have shown a very high safety profile and patients’ satisfaction. Radiant portfolio is manufactured by Dr. Korman Laboratories, which is active in the medical aesthetic industry since 2009, with millions of products sold worldwide.
  • Will I see immediate results? And how long will they last?
    YES! If you chose, along with your physician, to be treated with Radiant Dermal Fillers you will definitely see results right after the treatment. Your cheeks will be more pronounced, your folds will be milder, your lips will be fuller and your general appearance will look younger and fresher. In case you underwent Radiant Biorevitalization injections, you will have to gather some patience. As skin quality improvements are gradually built with time we can only expect visible results to appear within few weeks.
  • What is the difference between Radiant Dermal Fillers and Radiant Biorevitalization products?
    Whereas Radiant Biorevitalization products are designed to address skin quality features and bring hydration and glow to a dull skin, Radiant Dermal fillers will be augmenting your facial features, restoring the volume loss, filling wrinkles and folds as well as reinforcing attractive facial structures and beauty ideals.
  • How should I behave after the treatment?
    Generally speaking, you should be able to keep your regular daily routines, though patients are advised to avoid extreme activity and exposure to sunlight and tanning lamps or extreme weather conditions for 24 hours. We highly recommend you to further consult your physician about it.

Dr. Korman Laboratories

Established in Israel in 2009, Dr. Korman Laboratories was founded to restore the self-image of patients struggling with the signs of aging. Recognizing the proven benefits of HA fillers (1,2),

 Dr. Svetlana Korman decided to invest her knowledge and experience toward giving every patient the confidence they deserve. The result is RadiaNt, a premium collection of dermal fillers designed to enhance the natural beauty of every individual.

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