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High safety standards

Hyaluronic acid, or HA, is a naturally occurring substance that is the basis for more than 90% of dermal fillers used worldwide. RadiaNt fillers are
manufactured in Israel according to the highest global safety and quality control standards.

Radiant results

Comparative benchmark tests show that Radiant dermal fillers have rheological properties
on par with leading dermal filler alternatives
(3, 4). Following millions of individual doses administered worldwide, more than 97% of patients reported in post-market surveys that their appearance was “very much improved”(5).


RDR-81 Rev.1  Comparison report of rheological and physicochemical properties of CLSHA dermal fillers.


S. Fagien, V. Bertucci, E. von Grote, J.H. Mashburn. Rheologic and Physicochemical Properties Used to Differentiate Injectable Hyaluronic Acid Filler Products. PRSJournal, 2019

DKL Post Marketing Surveillance – data collected from distributors 2020.



Innovative & versatile

RadiaNt products utilize an innovative Dynamic Double Cross linked
Optimization Technology (DDCl-OT). Thanks to in-house production
including R&D, manufacturing, quality control and testing, Dr. Korman
Laboratories is able to ensure secure, agile and cost-effective support,
supply and product development for customers worldwide.

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